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Sisters | Partners | Best friends


We have been blessed with a life filled with creative & loving influences and 
we understand the importance of capturing memories.
Courtney Coco Mitchell & Traci Paige Hess began Coco Paige Photography with a dream to capture a moment in time that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Courtney has spent years investing in, not only her four nieces, but also teen girls at Pine Cove Camps and other youth organizations. Traci has two beautiful and creative girls of her own and a son who is a senior this year so it was only natural that they gravitated toward and fell in love with Senior Photography!
What makes the Coco Paige team work so well together is Courtney’s natural way of making people feel at ease and comfortable – oh, and by the way, capturing incredible images while doing so! and Traci’s knack for styling & meticulous attention to detail.
There will be no shortage of laughter and fun during your shoot. This dynamic duo is all about YOU from start to finish!  
 Courtney Coco Mitchell and Traci Paige Hess are…  Coco Paige Photography